The Turner Diaries Audio Book

You can get your copy of this ten-hour mp3-CD (which is playable in all computers and DVD players and most, though not all, modern CD players made in the last few years) of The Turner Diaries as read by the author, Dr. William Pierce, for just $20 ($30 outside the US), or get five copies of the CD for $60 ($75 outside the US), by writing to our postal address (Box 172, Laurel Bloomery TN 37680; make checks payable to the National Alliance) or order online by clicking your choice below:

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Buy five copies of The Turner Diaries audio book (US only)

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Buy five copies of The Turner Diaries audio book (outside US)

By purchasing this CD you will also have the satisfaction of supporting the National Alliance, American Dissident Voices, and the National Alliance Radio Network.