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Blood Ritual by Philip de Vier

An in-depth investigation of the accusations of ritual murder leveled against Jews over the centuries: For most of history, belief in Jewish ritual murder was widespread. But since WW2, with the rise of Jewish ownership of the mass media, objective discussion of these cases is strongly discouraged. Every accusation of Jewish ritual murder, no matter how well proved it might have been in its time, has become a “blood libel” in today’s media. Probably not every accusation is true. But it is also unlikely that all of them are false. Philip de Vier has made a thorough survey of the known evidence in about 200 cases of ritual murder in ancient, medieval, Renaissance, and modern times. Adopting the approach of a detective investigating a murder, de Vier invites his readers to sift the relevant facts from history and to see that they point toward the existence of a trans-generational ritual murder cult within the larger body of Judaic tradition. The evidence is persuasive, but, says de Vier, the final verdict is ours to make.


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Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin: A dialogue between Adolf Hitler and me by Dietrich Eckart; translation by William Pierce

Set up in the form of a discussion between Adolf Hitler and early National Socialist ideologue Dietrich Eckart, this far-reaching dialogue offers a penetrating look at the role of the Jews in world history, from Biblical times to the 20th century — a lucid exposition of Jewish psychology, motives, and methods of operating — and, controversially, offers a new, valuable insight into the meaning of the Old Testament. This translation was the first book published by Dr. William Pierce, founder of the National Alliance.


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Building a New White World: THE NATIONAL ALLIANCE has published a brand-new edition of Building a New White World: What is the National Alliance?

This glossy 16-page, full-color magazine-format booklet — a great improvement over all previous editions — is an impressive introduction to the ideas and program of the National Alliance, and is the most powerful recruiting tool we’ve ever published.

For orders from outside the United States please visit the booklet’s home page


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Gun Control in Germany 1928-1945; foreword and translation by William Pierce

Here Dr. William L. Pierce takes a well-deserved shot at “politically correct” groups who claim that Hitler was a “gun-grabber.” He establishes that the National Socialist government actually relaxed existing German gun laws and encouraged civilian gun ownership and training. From the book: “It is not just that the National Socialist firearms legislation was the opposite of what it has been claimed to have been by persons who want to tar the modern gun-grabbers with the ‘Nazi’ brush: The whole spirit of Hitler’s government was starkly different from its portrayal by America’s mass media.” Contains the entire text of the pre-Hitler and post-Hitler German gun laws — unassailable and convincing.


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Hunter (second edition) by Andrew Macdonald

Hunter is the second and best action novel about race by Dr. William Pierce, writing under the pen name Andrew Macdonald. It asks the question, “How should an honorable man confront evil?” Oscar Yeager, a former combat pilot in Vietnam, now a comfortable yuppie working as a Defense Department consultant in the Virginia suburbs of the nation’s capital, faces this choice. He surveys the racial mixing, the open homosexuality, the growing influence of drugs, and the darkening complexion of the population as the tide of non-White immigration swells. He finds that for him it really is no choice at all: he is compelled to fight the evil that afflicts America; his conscience will not let him ignore it — and joining it is inconceivable. He declares war on the corrupt and irresponsible politicians who are presiding over the destruction of his race and his country, the scheming media masters who are the principle architects of that destruction, and the spiritually sick adherents of “diversity” who are their willing collaborators. And when Oscar Yeager is on the warpath, you’d better not be in his way.


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The Lightning and the Sun by Savitri Devi (abridged); edited by William Pierce

A classic philosophical work about the historical inevitability of cultural decay and rebirth, written by one of Adolf Hitler’s most devoted admirers. Savitri Devi couches her arguments in metaphor, using “lightning” to refer to forces of destruction and “sun” to refer to building in accordance with Nature’s eternal laws. Both are necessary, says Devi, since to build the pure and new one must first sweep away the rotting debris of the corrupt old order. The author examines in detail the lives of three figures from history: Akhnaton, Genghis Khan, and Adolf Hitler. She argues that we are at the end of a cycle of history in which corruption and lies prevail over honor and truth, and that the time is ripe for the storm of violence that will precede the next golden age.


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Serpent’s Walk by Randolph Calverhall

Serpent’s Walk is an intellectually-stimulating action novel in which Hitler’s warrior elite — the SS — didn’t give up their struggle for a White world when they lost the Second World War. Instead their survivors went underground and adopted some of the tactics of their enemies: They began building economic muscle and buying the opinion-forming media. A century after the war, in the 2040s, they rise and challenge the anti-White Establishment, resulting in a cataclysmic conflict which they cannot afford to lose.



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The Turner Diaries (second edition) by Andrew Macdonald

Written by Dr. William Pierce, The Turner Diaries asks us: “What will you do when they come to take your guns?” Earl Turner and his fellow patriots face that question and are forced underground when the US government bans the private possession of firearms and stages mass gun raids to round up suspected gun owners. The hated Equality Police begin hunting them down, but the patriots fight back with a campaign of sabotage and assassination. The struggle escalates and becomes an all-out race war.  Turner and his comrades suffer terribly, but their ingenuity and boldness in devising and executing new methods of guerrilla warfare lead to a victory of cataclysmic intensity and worldwide scope. If the government had the power to ban books, this one would be at the top of the list. As one reader says,”Always read a book that someone else wants banned.” The Turner Diaries is a dramatic, violent page-turner that will keep you up at night and probably change your life.

Coming later in August. Second edition Turner Diaries will be available print-on-demand here. These will cost slightly more but will be printed, in most cases, in the buyers own country thus eliminating the high cost of international shipping.


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The Turner Diaries (first edition) by Andrew Macdonald

This is the extremely rare 1978 first edition of The Turner Diaries. It was written by Dr. William Pierce under the pen name Andrew Macdonald and published by the National Alliance just three years after the inception of the story as a serial in Attack!, Dr. Pierce’s early tabloid newspaper. Own a piece of history — order now; very limited quantities available.



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Which Way Western Man? by William Gayley Simpson

Throughout his long lifetime, William Gayley Simpson was a widely traveled and careful observer of Western civilization and its relations with the non-White peoples of the world, especially the Negro and the Jew. An exceptionally deep thinker, he traced the sickness that has overtaken the White man’s world in the 20th century to its roots in Jewish world conspiracy and its coordinated aggressive moves against us. Simpson reveals the deception inherent in our money system, which isn’t based on real wealth at all, but on debt and fantasy, and it cannot do other than cause trouble for the people condemned to use it as their medium of exchange. The author also shows why feminism is not the liberation of woman, but the unsexing of woman. Simpson reveals the fundamental incompatibility between capitalism, which he calls “The Machine,” and the human psyche. He goes into great detail about the physiological basis of Negro intellectual inferiority, quoting copiously from sources that once were readily available to the layman, but were censored from the popular media and removed to arcane medical journals after World War 2. And, of course, he exposes the nefarious Jew for the deadly parasite he is. Every racially conscious White person will want this book in his collection. It is very possibly the best book of racial philosophy originally written in the English language. This is the only edition of Which Way Western Man? that incorporates the author’s final revisions.


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Who We Are by William Pierce

Originally published as a series in his newspaper and magazine, Who We Are is the final published work by Dr. William Pierce, founder of the National Alliance. Starting with the evolutionary origin of the White race, this book explores the classical Greek and Roman civilizations, the White peoples of the Mediterranean basin, the rise of the Germanic powers, the Vikings, Christianity, and National Socialist Germany — leading to a profound examination of World War 2 and the racial crisis facing the European race and the civilization it created today. Who We Are contains, characteristically for the author, a highly critical appraisal of Jewish influence in Europe, and ends with a proposal of how the essence of the West can be saved. This edition contains the entire text and almost all the illustrations which accompanied the original. It has also been fully indexed. Order your copy of Who We Are today and help support the work of the National Alliance.

International buyers can purchase a copy of the book – print-on-demand – here. Although the sale price is a little higher, the books can in many cases be printed local to the buyer thus removing the high international shipping cost.


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