Legal Defense Fund

THE NATIONAL ALLIANCE is not only fighting for the minds and hearts of our people in the arena of words and ideas; we are also fighting in the legal arena as well. Malicious lawsuits, hostile infiltrators, Jewish corruption and abuse of law enforcement and the legal process — all are constant threats. To keep our organization strong and growing, and to make our uncompromising voice a permanent part of the social landscape, we have an ongoing need for legal defense.

Currently, the Alliance is fighting a legal battle on three fronts: 1) a lawsuit which began as an effort to oust a former Chairman and then metastasized into a malicious effort to seize National Alliance assets with the assistance of operatives of the Jewish-run SPLC has been won but a copycat lawsuit was filed immediately after our victory — we can win this too, with your support; 2) an attempt has been made by these same operatives to illegally commandeer the corporate authority of the Alliance through the filing of false corporate papers; 3) in Canada, a bequest to the National Alliance was stolen by Jewish interest groups through abuse of the courts; we are now fighting to have the estate’s expenses returned.

We can and must win these and future battles — and win them decisively. But we can only do that with your help.

We are totally dependent on your support to remain in the fight. You can donate using the online form below, or send contributions to National Alliance Legal Defense Fund, Box 172, Laurel Bloomery TN 37680.

Select a US dollar donation amount (digits only; do not use the dollar sign) in the Payment Options section below. We thank you for your much-needed help!

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(For those who prefer to send donations via postal mail — checks, money orders, or cash wrapped in foil — write to National Alliance Legal Defense Fund, Post Office Box 172, Laurel Bloomery TN 37680 USA.)